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Welcome to the web site of The New Zealand Tamil Society (NZTS). The NZTS is a registered non-profit and non-political organization operating in New Zealand since 1983. The primary focus of this organization is to provide our youth and young children with opportunities to engage in activities that will improve their knowledge about Tamil culture and traditions as well as to educate other communities about our culture. The four areas we focus on for our youth and children are Academics, Culture, Community and Society. The events we organize cover the focus and objectives of the organization.  In addition we also focus on adults and seniors to promote and educate them on a healthy lifestyle.


To develop a peaceful, cultural oriented and educated community, who think globally, acts responsibly and contributes to the society in which we live in.


Our vision is for our children to succeed in education, life and become good leaders and support other communities in New Zealand and back home.

Mr.Robin Roland

Mr.Robin Roland

Media & Literature Affairs

Media & Literature Affairs (NZTS)